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Tofino Surfing

Rush HourWhat's so great about surfing in Tofino, anyway? Well, if you are a surfer already you probably don’t spend much time mulling over that question. You already know and believe, whether you care to express it in words or not, that surfing is a way of life, and a connection to something that is simply beyond understanding. But if you’re toying with the idea of trying surfing, or even just watching the sport, you should know that Outside magazine (which caters to readers with an "active lifestyle" and has a circulation of more than 600,000) recently named Tofino "The best surf town in North America.”

So, the word is out. Surfing in Tofino is the best. You should know as well that Tofino is well prepared to assume its mantle as a surfing mecca for experts and neophytes alike. Tofino is virtually awash with all things surfing, ranging from surf board shops offering all types of equipment sales and rentals, to surfing schools offering lessons at all levels. You don’t have to be a surfer to enjoy surfing adventures in Tofino, either, as the town hosts a number of surf events including surfing contests and competitions. The O'Neill Cold Water Classic is Tofino's most prestigious surfing competition — just one of many great events designed to appeal to participants and spectators alike in Tofino on Vancouver Island’s Pacific Rim.

Local Businesses / Contacts for Surfing in Tofino:

Live to Surf
(250) 725-4464

Long Beach Surf Shop
(250) 725-3800

Pacific Surf School
(250) 725-2155
Toll Free: 1-888-777-9961

Storm Surf
(250) 725-3344

Surf Sister
(250) 725-4456
Toll free: 1-877-724-SURF

Tofino Surf School
(250) 725-2711

Westside Surf School
(250) 725-2404



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