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Tofino Whale Watching

Tofino Whale WatchingOf all the sights and experiences nature offers, few are more thrilling than a close encounter with the largest animals on the planet. In addition to their sheer size we are also awed by the graceful movements, epic migrations, and complex and lively social interactions of these incredible creatures. Seeing whales up close we learn that, in spite of the vast differences between us and the environments we inhabit, these fellow beings like to play and enjoy life as much as we do. To look a whale right in the eye and feel the bonds of life common to us all can be an emotionally overwhelming and life changing experience.

The Tofino whale watching experience is worth traveling the world for, and the waters around Clayoquot Sound offer whale watching opportunities second to none. Here you may view many species of these gentle giants, from gray whales and humpbacks, to orca and minke whales. Even the greatest of all living creatures past and present—the great Blue Whale—has been sighted off the Canada’s Pacific Rim recently.

Whale watching in Tofino is most often experienced as a day trip or as part of a wider holiday, but increasingly travelers seek a dedicated whale watching holiday. Both kinds of tours are offered by a number of local businesses in Tofino. In either case, travelers to Tofino have opportunities to learn an enormous amount about whales, their habitat, and way of life through these whale watching activities. Tofino even hosts a whale watching festival in early March, timed to coincide with the return of the gray whales from their winter calving grounds in Mexico. Tofino whale watching tours are unforgettable adventures for all ages.

Local Businesses / Contacts for Whale Watching in Tofino:

Ocean Outfitters
(250) 725-2867

The Whale Centre & Museum
(250) 725-2132
Toll Free: 1-888-474-2288

West Coast Aquatic Safaris
(877) 594-2537

Jamie's Whaling Station
(250) 725-3919




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